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SIEM Business Case

This service includes the following

  • Evaluation of how a SIEM can be meaningfully integrated into the company.
  • Create a requirements catalog.
  • Create SIEM concept, including an implementation model.
  • Conduct a market study and comparison of SIEM providers.
  • Create a decision template and recommendation.


  • Having a concept that shows how a SIEM can be cost-effectively integrated into the company.
  • Agreement of future responsibilities with all relevant stakeholders.
  • A viable business case that also enables long-term financing of the SIEM.


Companies face significant challenges when they are about to introduce a SIEM. The decisions that are made at the start of such a project have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, these must be approached with foresight.

We evaluate how a SIEM can be meaningfully integrated into the company. First, all relevant stakeholders are analyzed, and a catalog of requirements for the SIEM is prepared. After the conditions have been clearly defined, possible implementation models are analyzed, and a concept for implementing the SIEM is created. Various SIEM providers are then evaluated using a market study and compared in terms of meeting the requirements. The decision template to be created contains recommendations for choosing a suitable SIEM solution.